Mr Belldini Top Birthday Party Tips!

StarTip 1:

Tie Balloons at the front door of the venue, this will let your guests know where the party is.

StarTip 2:

Balloons are a good idea as decoration around the room, how ever it is advisable to keep them off the floor as they can be a distraction to the children when the Magic and entertainment is going on,

StarTip 3:

It is a good idea to get your invitations out early if your child’s party is going to be in the holiday periods, as many people tend go away. This will also save double booking with another child’s party.

StarTip 4:

Name badges are a great idea to give out to each child at the beginning of the party. It’s helpful for the adults and the entertainer. Children respond better when they hear their name.

StarTip 5:

Ensure parents keep the talking down to a minimum volume. If the children cannot hear what Mr Belldini is saying, this will cause him to shout at them and this could ruin the whole party experience for all the children.

StarTip 6:

Make a checklist of things you should have with you. For example, matches or a lighter for lighting the candles, kitchen roll for any spillages, hand wipes for those sticky fingers, and lots of black bags for the rubbish. Also a large box is ideal for the child’s presents to all fit into – and a knife to cut the birthday cake!

StarTip 7:

The children are occupied what about the adults? Why not have some nibbles and refreshments for them. (Tea, coffee and sugar).

StarTip 8:

Have a joint Birthday Party if you want to save money, it makes the party twice as fun and cheaper.

StarTip 9:

If you are thinking of having a bouncy castle at your childs party, please make sure that it is deflated during the magic show, as this can be a distraction to the children and mr belldini.

StarTip 10:

Always make sure there is a parking space for the entertainer, it’ll help make sure that Mr belldini can get all the equipment off loaded in a timely fashion and get started on time.

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